48150 Le Rozier - Lozère / Aveyron - FRANCE
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At the confluence of le Tarn et la Jonte...

Tourism in the Gorges du Tarn et de la Jonte, and a little further…

The surroundings of the hotel - restaurant located in Rozier - Peyreleau

Gorges du Tarn, Rozier-Peyreleau, St Enimie

Rozier-Peyreleau: Picturesque village at the confluence of Tarn and Jonte.
Departure of multiple hiking trails including the GR6 cornices of the Jonte with the famous rocks of the Vases of Sèvres and China, the site of the Arcs of Saint-Pierre (prehistoric caves, ancient villages and natural arches), the Rock of Cinglegros (in overlooking the Gorges du Tarn), the Sablière, the Hermitage St Michel (above Peyreleau), the semi-troglodyte hamlets of Eglasine and Saint Marcelin, the Rock of Capluc, rocky peak with a breathtaking view of Le Rozier-Peyreleau, the Gorges and Causses
Vignes: The Belvedere of the Pas de Soucy: at this place, a huge chaos bar Tarn reappeared as satiated in view of the village of Vines.
Above the village you will recover the Sublime Point: 180° panorama of the Gorges du Tarn, bordering the cornices on the Causses Sauveterre, 870 m above sea level and in line with the Cirque des Baumes.
Malène: Departure from Bateliers to visit the canyon. Tel: 04 66 48 51 10
To see: The Panorama of the Roc des Hourtous, balcony of Causse Méjean, overhangs 500 m the narrowest part of the Gorges du Tarn: the straits. You can admire the vultures and in spring, orchids.
Saint-Chely-du-Tarn: Accessible by an arched bridge across the river, wedged between the Tarn and the cliff, you can also see two waterfalls in the river and its troglodyte chapel.
Sainte-Enimie: Medieval village ranked among the most beautiful villages in France.

The Tarn valley of Rozier-Peyreleau, Millau, Roquefort

Château de Peyrelade: At 5 km Medieval Fortress Rouergate with a spectacular rock Donjon. You can stop on the road below enjoy Bleu des Causses
Paulhe: The House of Cherry (tel: 05 65 59 00 98)
Micropolis la Cité des Insectes: At the heart of the Aveyron, leisure park to discover insects. 12780 Saint-Léon. Phone 05 65 58 50 50
Millau: City of art and history and capital of outdoor sports, it receives events and events known worldwide: the 100 kilometres of Millau, Caussenarde mountain biking, the world of petanque, climbing and hang gliding, the rally Cardabelles, the great trail of the Knights Templar, etc.
Peyre: One of the most beautiful villages in France known for its troglodyte church, its tufa houses, its calades and an exceptional view of the Millau Viaduct.
Roquefort caves: Used to ripen cheese, arranged on the rock of the Causses at the bottom of Combalou rock. 12250 Roquefort-sur-Soulzon

Gorges de la Jonte - Causse - Mont Aigoual: Rozier-Peyreleau, Meyrueis, Mont Aigoual:

Maison des Vautours: 5 km from the valley of Jonte. Phone 05 65 62 69 69- www.vautours-lozere.com
Aven Armand: On the Causses Méjean, ranked site***. Phone 04 66 45 61 31- www.aven-armand.com
Ferme Caussenarde: Formerly Ecomuseum of Causses Méjean in Hyelzas. Phone 04 66 45 65 25 - www.ferme-caussenarde.com
Fromagerie du Fédou: On the Causses Méjean in Hyelzas. Phone 04 66 45 66 74 - www.fedou.com
The horses of przewalski: Surrounded in semi-freedom in a steppe landscape in Villaret a hamlet lost in Causses Méjean.
Chaos of Nîmes-le-Vieux: Uniform site on the Causses Méjean.
Cave of Dargilan: The pink cave, ranked site*** on the Causse Noir. Phone 04 66 45 60 20 - www.grotte-dargilan.com
Meyrueis: Small town at the confluence of the river Jonte with Brèze and Béthuzon, between Causses Noir, Causses Méjean and Mont Aigoual with its observatory
Abime de Bramabiau: Underground River. Phone 04 67 82 60 78 - www.abime-de-bramabiau.com

Causse Noir/Gorges de la Dourbie/Larzac: departure from Rozier-Peyreleau

Chaos of Montpellier-le-Vieux: Recreation Park. Small train tour or walk in the middle of rocks with strange shapes. 1270 Peyreleau - Causse Noir - Phone: 05 65 60 66 30 - www.montpellierlevieux.com
Priory of Saint-Jean-de-Balmes: Historic 12th-century monument on the Black Causse near Veyreau
Roquesaltes: Stroll on the Causses Noir and the Corniche de la Dourbie, between uniform, botanical trail and heritage of the Causses.
The Dourbie valley between Roque-Sainte-Marguerite gateway to the canyon and Nant. 18 km of wild landscapes punctuated with picturesque places like the perched hamlet of St Véran and the Moulin de Corp. In Saint Jean-du-Bruel you will discover Noria, eco-museum, the house of water.
The Templar cities:
Sainte-Eulalie-de-Cernon: former Templar command and hospital Larzac. You can discover the Larzac rail bike, the reptiles
Couvertoirade: Medieval fortified town on the Larzac, ranked among the most beautiful villages in France.


Whether on land, underground, in the air or on the water, discover and practise the many opportunities for outdoor activities (hiking, Nordic walking, trail, horseback riding, canoeing, fishing, mountain biking and cycle touring, stopover, hiking trail, cannoning, caving, paragliding, hang gliding, bungee jumping, etc.)